And I see you looking back
walking underneath yourself
While trust waits
Sometimes a five year old
has the most confidence
and why shouldn’t they
and why should we

It’s as if the five year old
has a soul

an infinite soul

-M. Taggart

when it hits, I write

i’m so sorry i’m so behind. I see you.


Today, while snow blowing,
Gavin was inside alone.

He’s four.
I entered the house
‘Gavin, you good?’

‘Oh yea, butt crack.’

I went back to work.
At the end of the driveway,
some 340 ft away,

Daydreams can cripple

It’s closing in on 7 PM
Gavin is downstairs
watching a movie
yelling out the names
of dinosaurs I can’t pronounce

Maybe it’s time I daydream
about smiles
and bouncing hair

-M. Taggart

Poem – To Trust

It was bitter cold as the sun sunk into slumber.
Trust rang its bell over the ice-covered lake,
waiting to learn – The constant wind
blew snow into faces and froze lungs
fighting for oxygen – Again the bell rang,
cracking the ice, leading the way.

-M. Taggart


I remember telling her, “We’re dating now.”
She cried
She was drinking wine
I was drinking a Manhattan
in a restaurant over looking the common
in Mystic, Connecticut
I remember she stood to hug me
tears all over
clasping her hands over her mouth.
What kind of asshole was I?
We’re dating now?
I was lucky to be sitting with her
Lucky to even know her
I was that fucked up
I didn’t know how to love
I’m better at it now
Thanks to her
And I hope she
adores this poem-
Megan is the mother
of our son.
I love her

-M. Taggart

So it goes

My head is a bit off tonight
and my heart too
I saw things I wished I hadn’t
in someone I care about
A few looks go a long way
when the looks are more honest
than the words after
Things break
Especially trust

-M. Taggart

First Light

If you can’t admire the brilliance of first light
I suggest looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re worth it
Trust yourself a bit more, Love yourself deeper
Because you can’t admire the light if you’ve
Never truly seen it

-M. Taggart

I can be simple if you let it be