Short – Last Night is Today?

I like life. I had beers while moving all of the storage unit items from the garage to the basement and bonus room above the garage. I’ve never had a garage. Not one of my own. It’s going to snow tomorrow and I think my truck wants to be inside. I’m not positive because the truck doesn’t actually speak, or think, but I do think it’s possible it would rather be inside.

I enjoyed standing in our garage while listening to the plow truck last night. I think he was drinking beer too. Now though, this very moment, I’m sitting in my office looking out of the window at a very grey-dusty looking morning sky. The storm has yet to start. I still don’t know what the plow truck was plowing.

My coffee is hot and smells exactly how I had hoped it would. All I will do now is finish typing these last few words and settle into the rest of something.

I hope your day treats you well,


Odd Walking Thoughts

Thank you tomorrow. I’ve seen you today.  Scraping noise with knuckles when things were what they weren’t. Don’t again Ask that we don’t say and speak what we do. Otherwise everything becomes all mixed up. So let’s just let’s say that we’ve, the both of us, come from the same time and will again. And again. And until then. We’ll watch all of the leaves fall.

-M. Taggart