I’m alive!

I came out of that surgery like a sling shot! Wide awake and wanting all the crackers they could bring me. “Would you like water or ginger ale?”

“Both.” I sat up and was ready to run. I could have easily driven home. Going under isn’t always fun. Thoughts creep in. Are these the last faces I’ll see? I don’t want to leave my family over an arm. Alone. Covid regulations.

They gave me a block in my neck which has paralyzed my left arm. I feel like Wesley in The Princess Bride. I can wiggle my fingers.

This is fun though! I enjoy new scars and love new mornings.


Cheers #poem

“And no alchohol for twenty four hours before your surgery.”

I’m pretty sure she’s a grandmother

Sounds like a good one

She should know we don’t listen

I wrote with a blue pen
the drop off and pick up

Provided I wake up

“Matt! Stop messing with me.
What time is your surgery!”

I walked away

It was a good story
if she hadn’t rushed it

I’ll be dropped off

They’ll cut into me

And I’ll walk out
into this Covid World

It’s time for another beer
I have surgery tomorrow

-M. Taggart