Ups and Downs of Alcohol Abuse

I know how difficult it can be to battle internal demons. I know what it’s like to lose someone to those demons. Many of us do. I wrote Don’t Be a Sally to show my cousin that I saw greatness in him. Even during the worst of his moments. I know what it feels like to be locked in a cell, both mentally, and physically. I wrote this for him. Not against him.

I took an honest approach to the good, bad, and ugly of alcohol abuse. Please give this story a chance. Don’t turn away because of the descriptive first chapter. If you have a family member, or friend, who’s battling with substance abuse, read this, have them read it. It may help. It may not. It’s helped a few, so maybe, it’ll help a few more.

There’s a happy ending.

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Odd Walking Thoughts – Shame

The large wooden door opened fully- we hiding behind- hadn’t known until now. Expressing details as a polished adult will do- we learned for the first time we were poor. Now we struggle. Only the flowing brook shares kindness without shame. -M. Taggart copyright 2016.

Odd Walking Thoughts – Sooth

How can you sooth when your voice is cemented.  Your laughter hurts. Not because we’re upset that you’re laughing- because we can hear it pains you. We’re Standing in a room. The room has wooden floors.  You ask me to look closely. I do.  I ask,  why should I look closely. Still, I wait for your reply.