Get your creep on!

I’m pumped to have received my copy from the editor, Tara. Looks great under a Christmas tree!





Rumors and speculation surround the possible inhabitants of Blackout Island, located just a few miles off the coast. Conspiracy theories abound while social media leaks surface about government experiments gone wrong. Certainly something or someone must live there, for haven’t we all seen the shaky home videos of the occasional wisp of smoke or recordings of eerie sounds carrying far across the water on a calm summer night? Something wicked has been let loose within its depths…. And it is time for the truth to be revealed. Featuring seven dark stories by L.E. Aleman, Darren Diarmuid, Lauren Rylant, A.P. Christopher, -M. Taggart, M. Ennenbach, and Joann L. Berg. (Edited by Tara Caribou.)

My story, ‘Bodies In The Basement’ has been selected and published in the ’13 Days of Halloween’ series on SpillWords!

Spooky, creepy, Halloween fun!

Want to read a frightening story about two boys sneaking out at night to learn if a local ‘story’ is true…are there really bodies in the basement of the old church on top of the hill?? Find out!

This is the perfect story to read to your kids as soon as the sun drops. It’s fun, creepy, and filled with imagination.

There’s just something about dark basement stairs on an October night.

Read ‘Bodies In The Basement’ here:

Bodies In The Basement


“It was a crisp, damp, October night.
“When we get to the Church I’ll go down first.” Colin was thinking of the moment when both he and Aaron would be standing at the top of the basement stairs peering down into the darkness.
The old stone Church was perched at the top of the largest hill on the prep school’s campus. Colin’s parents were professors at the school and their house was on campus grounds. They’d been waiting for Colin’s parents to fall asleep upstairs. Both boys were comfortable in their sleeping bags on the screened in porch. The lights had been turned out an hour ago and Colin felt it was time to slip into the night.”

Bodies In The Basement