Sometimes I drink to warn off the nerves
And that’s OK
No matter what people think

There’s a dog in the sky
I wonder what he’s doing up there

looks friendlier than a man down here
walking on the cement,
within reach of a wooded path,
narrowing thought into splinters to speak
of what is and what should be, while his slippers
shed off pebbles entering his footings

this beer is just nice enough to have another
and to continue on about the man in slippers
who know’s everything about how to live

and how not to drink

Dog is leaving now
head removed itself
from body


It doesn’t take much.
A flip of a few words.
Blank pages turned different,
with the imprints of thought.
Think of the voices running
along every crevice of every mind
and remember about how a furrowed
brow tossed off a difference
only because it had been seen by another.
Sleep with the breeze just enough to embrace.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

Self, I’ll be me. Knife looked fine ignoring. Some lights aren’t as bright as others. And some stars burn less hot purposefully, not needing the stage. Isn’t the crisp air just that. While so many balls of eyes watch the non-adjusted. Droplets of water, with their delicate prisms, have a more clear view.

-M. Taggart

On Time Management

There are internal skills I’d like to be working on, however I have physical items of work that I need to complete. So, I believe I need to unearth the ability to either warp, or literally be in two places at once. If any of you have figured these tricks out, please, let me know. I thank you in advance.



Mommy Don’t Take my Smile – A Poem

Don’t take my smile-
A baby tugged on a string-
Angry parents walk heavily-

A girl kissed a boy-
Vile symbols shook-
How could you-

A toddler finds heaven-
The mother scolds-
Heaven is not a thought

A boy kissed a boy-
Whispers never speak-
But these did

A child finds a storm-
The father doesn’t see-
Severe comes the night-

A woman finds her man-
Mud and Farm and life-
He isn’t enough

A man loves his wife-
Lying beneath the ground-
If ever again I can-

Mommy – Don’t take my smile

-Copyright 2016 -M. Taggart