poem – life

you ever wonder about a leaf?

about how it functions
and delivers life-
and when it becomes empty

about the moment it finally
detaches and whether or not
its flight is witnessed?

i do
i wonder about it

-M. Taggart


Published work: https://mtaggartwriter.wordpress.com/my-book/

Odd Walking Thoughts

My thoughts are tied into a bundle of hands holding cries that never mattered because I don’t know them. She stepped into a puddle. The water was mixed with fine particles of dust; the leaves fell so nicely from the sky she wanted everything about them, while the sun kept repeating that the puddle was there.

-M. Taggart

A Simple Kiss

I used to read books
While walking the UMASS campus
in Amherst, Massachusetts
I’d walk and read
and maneuver through crowds
Going from class to class
then back to the parking lot
Sometimes it was so windy
I couldn’t hold the book open
And one time
a tall, beautiful girl, kissed me
Flat out kissed me because I was reading a book
I guess
I’m not entirely sure
I didn’t ask her
I kept walking
It was a simple thing
I suppose it was an odd thing
but it was a nice thing

-M. Taggart


A Poem – Here We Stand

we are truly awed
when we are reminded
the sky is alive

-M. Taggart copyright 2017


Stand in awe
Photo Credit: Kiel McAvoy. My friend, Kiel, nabbed this photo of the approaching Thunder Storm in Western, MA on 5/31/17. I love this. I am a fool for extreme weather. Kiel’s talent shines with this one. Look at the blackness of its underbelly. Look at it! It’s looking right back.