Odd Walking Thoughts

A time on a Wednesday wasn’t what we knew. Filing mindsets. Can you get up now. Can you piss. Can you speak. It is Wednesday. The wall gripped itself and ran down to the floor. We hadn’t seen that. -Somewhere the sun shines, smiling, like they ask for. Smiling at all of you. Smiling.

-M. Taggart


Odd Walking Thoughts – Don’t keep

We walk into the shadow of death to pull one wounded child from its depths, to find another daft man standing in the corner. Leaves are shuffling outside my window. A man with a golden heart is gone. Another stands in a room looking. Don’t block me. I am here and at least I have my fingers. The man in the room standing, looking daft, asks for silence because silences never questions. Never says a damn word. The girl with the golden brow would have cared for a word. And the boy with the covers pulled tight would have cared for the same.
copyright 2017
-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

Fill the bags. Fill them all. Tell them not to talk. Take a walk with me. Hold my hand. It is dark. The purple has spoken in our face with breath of beer. Hide our forehead. Hold my hand. Out our bedroom door is the hallway. This hallway is different. It has holes. The bathroom is more different than the hallway. The holes in the bathroom have eyes.

-M. Taggart
Copyright 2017

Fuck you bird

Fuck you bird. You’re on my leaf.
We compromised
and the bird took the leaf.

I smoked my cigar
wanting to know more about the bird.
After he took my leaf I watched him fly into the trees

That bird made a lot of noise in those trees
with my leaf
I let the smoke engulf my face
while I thought about why I cared
about the bird and life and race and black and white

Have the leaf
it wasn’t really mine

The bird was a cardinal.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017