I’m lucky, thankful, and blessed to be his father.

The previous post contained the subject line of, “Anyone?”

The image was of Gavin about to turn a corner on an amusement
‘ride’ for kids. Gavin loved it. In general, it was an obstacle course.

We pulled Gavin from school this week and brought him to our
State’s largest fair. He pet all types of animals, even a MASSIVE horse
that seemed to have taken a liking to Gavin.

I’m rather sure his one day at the fair gave him enough mental stimulation
to overcome the one lost day at school ;).

Cheers everyone!


ps, thanks for hanging out!

On Time Management

There are internal skills I’d like to be working on, however I have physical items of work that I need to complete. So, I believe I need to unearth the ability to either warp, or literally be in two places at once. If any of you have figured these tricks out, please, let me know. I thank you in advance.



poem – to hell with rules

when no one’s there to pour a sonnet down your throat
easing your expressions of pain as your scorching metallic rage
sets itself against its blade-
shiver first with an angle and propel thy teeth against a hue from the heavens
-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

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A Poem – Here We Stand

we are truly awed
when we are reminded
the sky is alive

-M. Taggart copyright 2017


Stand in awe
Photo Credit: Kiel McAvoy. My friend, Kiel, nabbed this photo of the approaching Thunder Storm in Western, MA on 5/31/17. I love this. I am a fool for extreme weather. Kiel’s talent shines with this one. Look at the blackness of its underbelly. Look at it! It’s looking right back.

Time – Odd Walking Thoughts

Time is irrelevant.  Move faster and time slows down.  Don’t argue with me.  Argue with Einstein and his findings. I happen to agree with him. Time is a man made matrix.  It has never been anything at all and yet we gauge much by time. When to take a break. How long we have to take it. When to wake up, do homework, go to sleep. Take time away and society falls apart. Speed time up and all slows down and maybe we don’t mind being late to work because there is no late. For me, I try and think without the issues of time. Late is a personal preference and if I am, the sensitivities of other will not speed my anxiety because that too is a mindful act which is among the worst. Anxiety is fear of the future without full understanding of its outcomes. It’s the worst type of game play. It happens and will lay you upon the floor, alone, and waiting to die. Yet, when it’s over, you’re fine and you move forward. Sometimes you forget it took place. It wasn’t real and we made it real. If we can make time without worry and worries real without despair we might be onto something.