Odd Walking Thoughts – No One.

How’s the room look today?
did you wash its thoughts
Are we speaking in systems about mouths rinsing and repeating how to be? Isn’t it nice to hear about how you are. Isn’t it nice to reach a fit of madness to push and pass and become another version of that moment until fingers type systematically about a word we ought to know but don’t, yet pretend we fucking do; as they push forward further than anything we had seen since the beginning of the typing with a delivering eye. Good. Let’s walk another round of this.

-M. Taggart


In a glitch of serendipity
footprints outside the window,
never imprinted by my own,
speak on the lines of self imprisonment.
It’s been a long winter, they whisper,
I think I’ll go outside now.

-M. Taggart



Our truest sights need not be spliced,
as ashes share no accent; only spreading
shadows over what was, while we keep
our secrets stored in perfectly managed
images resting until needed.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts – The Play

‘People detest truth. They keep it at arms length at all times. And don’t dare speak it to them! If you do, you’ll be cast into the murky shadows with the worthless gossips they’ve known their entire lives. They’ll kick you repeatedly while you pick up pieces of shattered truth in hopes to again polish and present. They will use the best known methods of destruction to keep you from telling them anything. Even of a good day. -With that, good luck to you, truth keepers, and tellers. Because it’s rather true..of course, that to argue with stupid isn’t an easy thing. Keep the pieces for yourself and only show the ones who’ve proven worthy of knowing. And for the love of God Stop pushing at the door that’s always closed.’ -Thy boy stood away from his mirror having done his best. The play was tomorrow. He was ready.