Hello and Goodbye

I think I’ll take a drive. The sky looks good today. Oh! I was able to make a muscle with my left bicep for the first time since the injury. Fun stuff! I ran into my wife’s office to show her my muscle. Yea. I’m like that. A bit of a child sometimes. But, I do it with flair so it’s all good! Seriously though, it was a big moment. Progress is good. Anyway, I hope everyone is having some form of fun. And if not, I invite you to create a form of fun. Even if you’re grumpy.

Gotta go drive, bye~!


I know this is a random post. I have a bunch of energy and simply wanted to say howdy to everyone 🙂

A Wonderful Life

I enjoy hard working people. Dust on boots. Mud and grime stuck in finger nails. Blue jeans covered in filth. Gender means nothing. I enjoy a person who wakes up early to grind their teeth in figuring how to best make the day productive. Then, they make it happen. I don’t care if you are in fields wishing for rain as the sun rises, or tightening your tie preparing for the speech you’re going to give at a conference. The suit most likely stayed up until three am making sure everything was ready. I’ve been there. Done both versions. What I don’t enjoy are the people who strive to do the least and benefit from the ones who do the most.

-M. Taggart