Odd Walking Thoughts

We saw it during a snow storm. The face smiled at us and whistled a friendly thing. We hadn’t known many things friendly. We were alone again. Standing in the storm with the rest of the normal we knew. Only, there was something in that face which told of another way. So, we searched on, carrying Hope as our witness until fruition of proof shapes itself no longer around metallic rage.

-M. Taggart

poem – to hell with rules

when no one’s there to pour a sonnet down your throat
easing your expressions of pain as your scorching metallic rage
sets itself against its blade-
shiver first with an angle and propel thy teeth against a hue from the heavens
-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

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Odd Walking Thoughts – Cons

Come boisterous men! Come shrieking vixens! Insert into the glass castle with the clearest of walls. The show awaits. Let opinions rage wildly. Of course, you are the only one. Become yourselves and let the audience bathe in your greatest volume, for the glass shimmers for a reason to shatter. 

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart