Ecstasy begins one compromise at a time;
Without this ability one will never experience
true happiness, only a matrix of self-doubt
layered with hidden meanings.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts #poem

I like straight forward curvatures in mud. I’m from mud, I say, when asked indifferently. I’m from mud and cow pastures and tall green ferns growing on the banks of the friendly gurgling brook with the trout hiding in the deepest pools under the roots of a hovering pine; casting a shadow is a harboring act of courage when having wellness in mind. for others. and more others.

-M. Taggart


We aren’t all equal,
says men
women too

You’re nothing but a fucking drunk
As she cheats

Eat your vegetables
or no inheritance for you
Says both
to the children
of nine

Rolling around the dishes
the old man splits his finger,
thinks of telling her,
It wouldn’t matter,
hasn’t for a long time

Kid picks up a rock
and tosses it through the window
of his father’s car

Doesn’t much matter
hasn’t for along time

was nothing
but a dribble

a few things

-M. Taggart


I take a deep breath, close my eyes,
and see the cloak they wear as pride;
like a grimace covered in spittle as the white
foam collects in the corners of their mouths
begging to stretch and expand.
They express a stench of laughter, launching
tiny droplets in hopes to expose those who
have yet to see properly the slow motions of their
darkness creeping in; it’s within your own darkness
where you may find yourself, it’s within their
darkness where you’ll certainly lose yourself.
I open my eyes and calmly smile, knowing fully
the history of pride.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

whispers became screams never said. shower doors, with soap, and windows, watched. the door didn’t shut, and the did, did nothing, while the smiling whores of everything told of how to hush. things were done while walls stood vacant, birds of the morning sang, and heaven hung low.  -M. Taggart