Got it!
fumbled with my cell phone
knew I’d get close

it’s hard to know when to care
Sitting Next to my son
feeling him lean in


just the word

the movie was good

-M. Taggart


I smoked a cigar today
The sun split me in two

Dark. Not dark.

When I was young I fished brook trout

I wasn’t very good

Mostly Chris caught them
and our mother would sometimes prepare them to eat

I remember one time
She took the tinfoil from the freezer
and put the frozen trout on the skillet

I didn’t want to eat it

Which way I lean my head
is where I’m split

It’s funny how this all happens

-M. Taggart

The other two published poems are crushingly real. This is a warm up. ‘Hidden In Childhood.’ -Published poems.

To see, To listen

My brother and I collected baseball cards.
I didn’t realize their worth, or symbolism.
I was young, maybe seven or eight.
One of my brother’s favorite cards was
a Ricky Henderson Topps Jumbo card.
We had a brother’s argument. I ripped
his Ricky Henderson card in half.
My brother is two and a half years older than I am.
He easily could have pummeled me into pieces.
But I believe he saw that I already was.
I felt anger. Anger that was driven very deeply
inside my being and it wasn’t my brother that
I was angry with. I wasn’t the baseball card.
It was something to do with my baseball glove,
and how I chewed the leather strings and about
how I felt free while playing baseball, especially
when pitching. It was about how the sunlight
couldn’t lie, but somehow adults could.
And they lied the worst.

-M. Taggart

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“Hidden In Childhood” Has Launched! A Poetry Anthology- And the waves have begun: #1 New Release!

Hidden in Childhood has already reached the #1 New release benchmark!

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Literary Revelations is proud to bring you this anthology and deeply grateful to all contributors for pouring out their hearts into the pages of this book.”

-Gabriela Milton


My copies are arriving on February, 2nd! I’m massively thankful to have poems within these pages among all of these authors.

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-M. Taggart