On people being people

7.53 billion of us. At the end of 2017. There’s a small graph on google showing a steady increase of our populating this planet. We chew things, walk, or not, and sometimes are nice to one another. Other times we war. Internally, literally, then with family, and of course there’s always D-Day as an example. Micro-Macro. Care to jump on a breeze and float down a nothing? I’m slightly sure. A piece of my morning went exactly as I hoped it might which almost always never happens. But, it did, so I’ll wait to see what else takes place and while living I’ll do my best to remember I’m but a very small thing on this very large rock floating around in a much larger ‘piece-of-space.’ And I can’t help but wonder, do many of us ever stop looking at our shoes?



Short Story Up

Here’s half of the Woah!! News:

My 5,000 word short story, Screaming Hills, has been published by, Z Publishing House, in their America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Region, 2019. This is a continuation of the first chapter, which was originally published by Z Publishing House in 2018. This short story is about the reality of every day life and struggles of small town America. Especially the mill town regions of the North East. The story is fiction, but may feel like non-fiction as it contains content concerning drug use, alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety; along with the failed economic structures of these towns. However, the story also drives toward hope and determination to succeed while pushing through the fog, toward personal development and happiness.

I do dive into philosophy and where ideals intersects with humanity. The writing is edgy. I’m surprised and massively thankful they accepted this piece.

My short story is within the “America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Region” via the link below.


If you enjoy my writing, consider reading this story. It’s possibly only the beginning, of the beginning.

I am beyond excited-

Cheers everyone!




Is it time, finally, to acknowledge
continuous attempts to halt societal
cognitive abilities with silicone like layers-
Or is it more likely that a singular mind
would rather walk alone on a beach
feeling the warmth of the sand pushing between their toes while listening to the rhythmic crashing of the waves.

-M. Taggart

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