We sat next to ourselves near a pool of water
A few things we Remember
childhood horror
running from walls
from mushroomed
A deep purple came

We shouldn’t have been

The water spun and rippled
found an old friend, though.

-M. Taggart


A tree stands with a pointed finger

Much like a mind

Every day
pointing Southwest

When I want to look North
I do

But I’m not done learning
this purposed finger

It wants something


-M. Taggart

Hello World!

I feel free and good today. I hope all of you feel as good as possible.

Yesterday a fellow blogger, https://coloradopoet.com/ wrote a comment that I found to be very powerful. For me personally. But also, the comment taught and humbled me. For my peer to take the time to sincerely express her support was absolutely amazing. I am thankful.

Writing is a funny thing. In my opinion many of us don’t choose to write. Writing selects us. One way, or another, it’s going to come out.

Here is the wonderful comment:

“You got this Matt. You are an amazing writer. Personally, I feel like the world will be damn lucky to read your very original and authentic writing. It always amazes me to read your stuff as I often feel it’s like thoughts many of us have, or I have anyway, that I could never elucidate. Relax, push forward, the writing is for you anyway… it’s just a gift we get to read it.”  – https://coloradopoet.com/

I invite you to please visit https://coloradopoet.com/  and flood the blog with good stuff!

Cheers everyone! We drive from Maine to Massachusetts this morning to arrive just on time for my brother’s baby shower. Another to add to the family 🙂


ps,  (the comment was in reference to my post about submitting writing to a publication https://mtaggartwriter.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/submission-roller-coaster-ride/comment-page-1/#comment-8909)



The last book I read left me hollow
I can still feel it
It reminded me of things
Things that can happen to anyone
But don’t happen to just anyone-
I’m listening to the dryer
One of the pieces of clothing
must have a metal button
It keeps pinging off the inside
of the dryer
I know it’s there
I could go turn it inside out
But I won’t
I don’t want to

-M. Taggart