Odd Walking Thoughts

whispers became screams never said. shower doors, with soap, and windows, watched. the door didn’t shut, and the did, did nothing, while the smiling whores of everything told of how to hush. things were done while walls stood vacant, birds of the morning sang, and heaven hung low.  -M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts –

Felt a few twitches. Came in a row. Finally, after the last woke our thought process to understand other things were happening, we did realize it had happened. And it’s here, with a yawning moment of veneration for afterthought, come and gone again in a backward way, we asked, “will we be able to ….again” and it turns out so. Give no boundaries to a repeating thought.

-M. Taggart

My poem ‘Here’ published by Literary Yard

I’m thrilled to share with everyone that my poem ‘Here’ has literally just been published, only moments ago, on Literary Yard.

Read the poem  here:


A big thank you to Onkar Sharma for accepting this piece. This style of poetry is unorthodox and is my self taught style. I’m impressed with Literary Yard for picking this up.


A piece of mind is a funny thing
flecking out among the trees

Somewhere we leave a laugh
looking for a smile”

Read the entire poem here:



Poem – Searching

Can we think of two lines as two lines;
as the moon drops its umbilical cord
toward our ever moving position of
humanity; searching, eroding, etching
itself while the music plays on, as we
all dance with strings pulling at our
shoulders. We shrug a little, then rip
and tear at the mental notion of being
clipped; our wings long ago vanquished
for another version of life.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

I walked on a face today. It was my own. The concrete cherries fished away again and lost my vision for another. The trees were so pretty when they ignored me. Eventually I found a further way. Might I come this way again seeing the eyes that carry the dark and might I carry the dark back. I already own my own.   -M. Taggart



Poem – Allow

A reversal of block, with each pointed pine needle
resides a secret. When found- There was always
enough. Just look at the moon while it’s raining
and see how the rain makes the moon look
differently than it wanted and how that difference
has made us all squint our eyes and believe.

-M. Taggart