Poem – Never End

What you are is a brilliant beacon-
Shifting nose-to-nose along asylum walls
Concrete has this smell
Especially when recently wet
They try and hide the dry
As they try and hide You
But the same smell is there
No matter who They Are
and instead of wanting to know you
They’ve chosen you as their supply
and hide away any light they find

-M. Taggart

Dedicated to Megan.

Odd Walking Thoughts

We remember you speaking. The yard wasn’t green. The Sun wasn’t yet too large. We wanted to imply nicely that your words weren’t much. We’d seen your last step. So our look, is a look, and a word isn’t said. Now, let us tell you, the sun did go down. We found ourselves a book. In the book were the words you’d been looking for.

-M. Taggart

copyright 2017