-M. Taggart’s Odd Walking Thoughts #GoodLuck

We had a hard time today with the trigger and the mongering
looking like a door in the way of nothing yet sitting not still
in our minds while we drove: snow looks different when you
kill it- nothing looks so very much like exactly how they are-
do we think It did that on purpose? It’s most likely It was
all about not we, and how It puts It’s shoes on while forgetting.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

The fertile river bank and mossy mounds watch as a jogger constantly steps on conscience ground; while looking ever more tabetic. The stars yawn having seen this before. Knowing the process of eternity comes once again for its finality. As a gentle wind whispers, ‘Forever is much like diminishing moonlight beckoning you to follow.’

-M. Taggart

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death as it stands

Death has a sound unlike any other-
listen! The same melody plays in the early hours
We know this song

Let Prometheus spark again-
a sip of fine wine
a bit of our favorite scotch
a taste from the most velvet soft lips
the scent of the back of her neck
26.2188 with delivery
this is true
this Is true
but who am I to ask

Death is more than a balcony’s plot from which we grieve. Death is not evil. An echo inside spewing a self-made matrix without end. Have we touched the sun today. Have we given thought to the mirror behind. So many rules to place our hearts on shelves.

for others to dismantle.

Death as it stands
has a sound like no other
and yet I’ve never heard it

My favorite cigar is the one left overnight in the rain. The next morning it’s billowed with intelligence. A thing to know. It’s more wet than not. and it doesn’t want to dry, but it does because. Eventually the sun reminds the cigar of its now and we are again reunited. I’ll take my life left to light that cigar and see it live again.


  • M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

Fill the bags. Fill them all. Tell them not to talk. Take a walk with me. Hold my hand. It is dark. The purple has spoken in our face with breath of beer. Hide our forehead. Hold my hand. Out our bedroom door is the hallway. This hallway is different. It has holes. The bathroom is more different than the hallway. The holes in the bathroom have eyes.

-M. Taggart
Copyright 2017