Odd Walking Thoughts

A time on a Wednesday wasn’t what we knew. Filing mindsets. Can you get up now. Can you piss. Can you speak. It is Wednesday. The wall gripped itself and ran down to the floor. We hadn’t seen that. -Somewhere the sun shines, smiling, like they ask for. Smiling at all of you. Smiling.

-M. Taggart


poem – to hell with rules

when no one’s there to pour a sonnet down your throat
easing your expressions of pain as your scorching metallic rage
sets itself against its blade-
shiver first with an angle and propel thy teeth against a hue from the heavens
-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

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More Than Chance

watch the day grow with its green grass begging attention-
the ground, having swallowed some, urges for more
the New England birds are listening- waiting for approval
all the while one sits, alone, listening back
with a simple understanding-

now finally feeling the first
breeze of autumn air flirting with his skin
that brings him a sensation brimming with tears- he thinks out loud
‘Go ahead. Tell life it can’t.’

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017
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photo taken by myself 9/17/17

Gill GY