Emily Dickinson – A Poem

As from the earth the light Balloon
Asks nothing but release—
Ascension that for which it was,
Its soaring Residence.
The spirit looks upon the Dust
That fastened it so long
With indignation,
As a Bird
Defrauded of its song.

-Emily Dickinson. A complete book of poems by Emily Dickinson.

Emily D

There’s something about starting a day reading a poem by Emily that pushes my morning into a positive light.


And Damn it’s Nice

It’s early.  I’m overlooking our yard and driveway.  At the end of the driveway are whiskey barrels on each side.  They are dark and the wood is thick and smell of aged whiskey.  In the barrels, flowers grow rapidly.  Neighbors walk past and they smile and point.

My nearly spent cigar is lit and I’m writing and I’m happy.  My window is open and the birds are here.  And damn the sun is out.  And damn it’s nice.

Here- Let’s live outside ourselves, so we may see each other better.

Early Morning

Great ideas come and go, execution hardly happens.  -M. Taggart.

I wrote that years ago before taking on a massive, multiple year, charity project. I scratched the thought down on a small piece of paper and tapped it to my monitor and refrigerator door. I read it constantly until the project was complete.  Pen to paper. Executing thoughts, even when jumbled and incorrect in grammar, are far more important than doing nothing.