Odd Walking Thoughts

Make a thing. Put it there. Next to the stone. Have you ever seen such a a thing? The thing held all the knowing- Having been put next to the stone. Now the knowing wishes to be. Have you ever sat outside, on the deck, in the middle of the night, and listened to anything that was willing to be? And the knowing was the maker of the sounds?

-M. Taggart


The Frog Asked – Odd Walking Thoughts

Weak minded people can’t focus. They continuously reach for anger having nothing to do with the point. They yell. They become emotionally unstable, and they have no remorse during the moment, because they are unintelligent. They are the fog that creates arguments. -The boy reached further into the water. The leaf was muddy. It cleared and he watched the brownness of it while the water filtered away. A frog jumped near and asked, ‘Why the face?’ The boy replied, ‘I was upset with someone.’ The frog asked, ‘Who?’ the boy replied, ‘Myself.’

-M. Taggart copyright 2017

7 Reasons to Write

Because we’re not perfect and we should see what that looks like in written form-

We all have the same words at our disposal and it’s intriguing to see how we use them so differently-

You may find hidden attributes within your personality-

Creation of words written into phrases or stories may put into motion action for yourself and possibly others-

It’s good for the heart, mind and soul-

If you don’t, these words will chase you-

As Emily Dickinson once wrote, ‘Your thoughts don’t have words every day’ and when they do, I think we ought to write them down-

-M. Taggart