Our One

And we told him-
It went not well,
We aren’t ourselves every day

So we take the sun
With its golden rays
And we take the shadow too
‘Don’t you see,’ we say-
‘This one is you.’

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

Please accept that our life has not been easy. Our. The double lipped mouth- Giving permission to be. We don’t ask permission to live. Remember there’s a notch on the door that asks for you. Which void would we like? –  A child in their bed watches their bedroom door. Soon foot steps. and light. The child pulls their covers to their faces.

A Poem

A stained glass window hinted at truth-
Mismatching colors, streaming in a tilted fashion-
for us to view, and to play with, or interpret how we needed.

Should we thank the glass for shielding our eyes-
It’s outside the window that we must engage in savagery
and there will be no tilting of any colors.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

There’s no Why in Thinking – Odd Walking Thoughts

Why bother do a thing as to think? The boy asked the rock. Why bother? That’s like asking light to crawl to its sprint and then not to bend. It’s already happened and will continue and now let’s even say it’s possible to bend quicker and travel faster. Thinking isn’t over. No. It’s just begun.


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