Adorable Practice. Pre-K students

Gavin practiced riding on his school bus today. He may be the youngest in his class. He’s still three, although turns four soon; it’s an incredible feeling to watch your three year old standing in line with students and teachers waiting to board a school bus.

My pre-k days were half-days. His will be full days. I didn’t jump onto a bus. Times are certainly changing and I admire the attention this district is giving to education and individual safety. Some complain it’s too much. I’ll not be one of them. I find people who often complain are unhappy with their life and most of what comes out of their mouths represents their unhappiness.

Gavin walked up to one little girl and said, “Hi, I’m Gavin Taggart.” He also walked up to his teacher and said, “You’re my teacher.” He had met her once before. Gavin is very social and seemingly fears nothing. Not even the ocean. I had to pull him out of the waves. Ran straight into them. His fascination with life over rules his censorship concerning safety…at least so far. He had only been walking for a few months.

He sat in the front seat with his friend, Jordan, whom he has known for a number of months. Megan and I sat at the end of the bus. Unable to see Gavin. I think moving forward it’s going to be more of the same. We’ll know he’s there, somewhere, and that he’s doing just fine on his own.




Cheers everyone!

A Poem – A Child’s Path

I ask – Please –
Walk among the trees-
Walk along paths and streams-
See how the leaves fall-
Each are their own story-

It’s never been the same-
And when you ponder your existence-
Look to the stars
And like words that have been written already-
To thine own self be true.

Don’t- Let’s not be like the others-
Who look at their palms for guidance
It’s never quite what it seems-
from that point of view-
The screen is everything-
When you turn it over-
It is dead.

The stars are unending
The woods – The Wind –
And leaves that travel with it-
Will show you new life-
Much truer than most will accept

Dedicated to Gavin.