Odd Walking Thoughts

A time on a Wednesday wasn’t what we knew. Filing mindsets. Can you get up now. Can you piss. Can you speak. It is Wednesday. The wall gripped itself and ran down to the floor. We hadn’t seen that. -Somewhere the sun shines, smiling, like they ask for. Smiling at all of you. Smiling.

-M. Taggart



we never wrote when they asked us to-
we didn’t draw
we didn’t let our pencil wander-
Their eyes were too Purple
we left our paper blank
the other world was what they wanted
and they will not have it

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018

Much is said – Odd Walking Thoughts

He had said much but much was said without seeing.  He wasn’t my friend though he thought so. In fact he thought we ought to be best of friends.  Mud has a funny color and at most times we cannot see it.  A hole deepens and we approach and ask if we might want to follow it down to see what’s to find. We ask, ‘Should we?’ and wait and the trees care very little about our question.  However, the frog is again here and replies, ‘If you were to lay your small face against the mud and listen you might know before asking.’