A modern attitude
spoke of the last night on Earth.
I didn’t tumble too far into the
cold water- it wasn’t for me.

I backed away from the
truest absence and little
by little the old became
here again

Much like a timeless line
written for humanity

And much like the golden tongue
of a child singing because the
happiness within them has
no other way to become tangible

-M. Taggart

Scarlet freedom

We live in a world
where we look at our mortality
rates as victims.
We are the mortality
and we are the victim.
We do our best to understand
where we fit into each round hole.
As if carnage from the heavens
scrapes its teeth at the edges
of our wars; and all the spillage
frees the smallest of fractions
while we struggle to dig
half a hole.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

We were trying to get there so we were there, and nothing was found. No wind. No noise. Nothing to smell and nothing to see. The digging for- found absence. Even the worms were away, also looking; for us to be found with thoughts free enough to live again.

-M. Taggart

To Be. A Poem. #pros

I have this nearly non-stop feeling
to leave the house and do something.
Anything. Walk, hunt, fish, visit family,
drive to the ocean, cross state lines
and not follow rules. So, that’s what I do.
I used to say to be free in America
is to be without debt. But with Covid,
my feelings on freedom has transitioned.
Never did I think my government would
prohibit movement and daily freedoms
to the level they have. Thankfully, I didn’t
listen, and it felt great to not listen and
to find my new freedoms by not staying put.
This may very well become the most
important Spring of my lifetime.
Every May flower is waiting to be seen.
They only need to be planted first.

-M. Taggart


Through their blank eyes
they speak their dead words
as if they are them. They
caress their means of existence
as an exhibition of ritualistic rounds,
with their spittle dried around
the edges of their mouths
giving way for the darkness
to feed among each closing
and opening of their haunted
caverns; they truly believe they
are among the structure of it all.
And exactly as they are, we see.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking thoughts

Yes, they see you, and the trees also bend while justice plays tricks on us all; and the closed eyes linger a little longer, smelling the darkness and seeing the nothing while ears play songs the wind knows, and the wind knows
how longer will stretch longest- A note from memory plays backward. Fly away. It said. So it came again.

-M. Taggart

Poem- Unveiled Arrogance

Selected decisions effected the
executions by which consequences
reflected motion purposely put into
place by the exact one whose actions
were called to the floor in front of
all the players they wished not to see,
and through the open viewership,
their greatest shame became reality.

-M. Taggart

Pain & Renewal #published poetry

The Abandoned Dawn:  (Pain)

He wished the door wouldn’t again open;
knowing he’d be forced to become another
version of himself. Placed unto him from a
variation of life not meant to be seen, or felt,
or lived. Now- the footsteps, so very light,
unheard by the household so late at night,
but felt by the boy, each and every vibration,
knowing it would be soon time to close his
eyes and beckon the rising moon to please take
him along with its translucent majesty high
above where his being felt the covers being lifted.

-M. Taggart

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