Odd Walking Thoughts

Make a thing. Put it there. Next to the stone. Have you ever seen such a a thing? The thing held all the knowing- Having been put next to the stone. Now the knowing wishes to be. Have you ever sat outside, on the deck, in the middle of the night, and listened to anything that was willing to be? And the knowing was the maker of the sounds?

-M. Taggart


Odd Walking Thoughts- I’m Not Sure.



It’s O.K. for you to wonder, but listen, I need to tell you something.  From the first time I noticed, until now, I need for you to hear-  It’s about you. But, not about all of you. It’s only about some of you. When you were hurt, you thought it was nothing to know about. I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I asked, but you hadn’t heard my request.  I asked again and you spoke, but not to me, “I’ll tell you when I’m well.”  I see you’re well again and I wonder if you couldn’t tell me?  I ask again, ‘What’s this?’ You replied, “It’s what you had said it was.” -M. Taggart