Hello and Goodbye

I think I’ll take a drive. The sky looks good today. Oh! I was able to make a muscle with my left bicep for the first time since the injury. Fun stuff! I ran into my wife’s office to show her my muscle. Yea. I’m like that. A bit of a child sometimes. But, I do it with flair so it’s all good! Seriously though, it was a big moment. Progress is good. Anyway, I hope everyone is having some form of fun. And if not, I invite you to create a form of fun. Even if you’re grumpy.

Gotta go drive, bye~!


I know this is a random post. I have a bunch of energy and simply wanted to say howdy to everyone ūüôā

Eyeballs Wonder Within

My blog is about nothing. It was an accident and now I like it. I’m happily happy sitting adrift in my wooden chair.

I’ve created a few categories that help me to remember they exist.

Odd Walking Thoughts:
Easily my favorite. There are no rules. I don’t like rules. I sit. I write. I’ve found I’ve created my own version of poetry and that fits me because I don’t know how to write poetry. Though, I enjoy writing poetry. Here’s a link to the Odd Walking Thoughts poetry that I’ve written. I recommend starting no where near the end and certainly not at the beginning, though I’d preach that it’s worth finding both.


The most important story I’ve written for family is the story about my cousin, Adam. While it’s difficult to get through the first chapter, it has a happy ending. It’s not always easy to read about hurt.


Quote. I spell this word wrong nearly every time I type it. Yet, I write them? Most come while sleeping and I don’t think I should claim half of them because of this. I’m not sure why I’m writing this- Yes I am. I very much am sure. It’s because I flip writing styles so often that it may confuse readers as to who I am and what my goal of this blog is. I have no goal. I sit and I write. My goals in life are far stronger than what I feel I need to declare while online. So here is my play pen. It’s messy. It’s fucked up and it’s my only form of creativity.


That’s all I feel like writing. Cheers.

-M. Taggart.