About Ghosts

I’ve never seen a ghost. Although I believe they are among us. Much like premonitions hidden within dreams. Now those, I’ve had. Forewarnings that have come to pass, some of which were uncomfortable. It’s all there. It’s only a matter of seeing them.

Have any of you seen a ghost?



Poem – Until Then

A million thoughts and I’m to narrow a few and mold
them into lines of writings otherwise known as poetry.
The images returned a few nights ago. I am aware that
I know none of them. Quick flashes as I close my eyes
and shoo them away by opening them. The only method
to learn if they are gone is by seeing the darkness of my
lids. I tell them I’ll not write of them. I am not theirs to
linger with; they can keep their anguish and even that
much description is too much to tell. Just wait. All of you.

-M. Taggart

Poem – An unequal two

I’m sitting in our home void of noise.
I know what I need to do. I’m not doing it.
I did however figure out why I was pacing
when we first moved in. Searching, feeling
the walls and pausing in doorways. The
reasoning was revealed to me in two parts.
One of which I wasn’t surprised, but the other,
was a gift waiting to be opened, and when I
did, it came along hauntingly and grew
into itself before me; as though I pulled a string
from my throat and with it came the voice of
a story that merely needed to the right to express.

-M. Taggart