poem- about a morning

There’s a thing about a morning
The way it settles in
How the mist moves slowly
How we feel
I wonder if anyone else watches
like me
about how the leaves look
That’s the thing about a morning
Each one is slightly different

-M. Taggart

I hope your day treats you well.

Odd Walking Thoughts – Owl

Am I broken? My jaw is moving yet my statements are stunted. Does it matter? You said not to tell. That seemed to matter. I breath and it’s not well. Streams of time run through me and are gone. I go with them. Do you remember the owl in the tree? The tree was large and had two massive limbs hanging like death. When they told us not to tell, what did you think? The owl tried to warn me. It said ‘When I was you, I never remembered to forgive myself.’