I’m alive!

I came out of that surgery like a sling shot! Wide awake and wanting all the crackers they could bring me. “Would you like water or ginger ale?”

“Both.” I sat up and was ready to run. I could have easily driven home. Going under isn’t always fun. Thoughts creep in. Are these the last faces I’ll see? I don’t want to leave my family over an arm. Alone. Covid regulations.

They gave me a block in my neck which has paralyzed my left arm. I feel like Wesley in The Princess Bride. I can wiggle my fingers.

This is fun though! I enjoy new scars and love new mornings.



There are children’s footprints
in the snow just outside my window.
Only a few years ago I paced the floors
of my studio apartment while talking to
myself. Now though, there’s a five year old
under my desk as I type. He’s thumbing
through Charles Bukowski’s The Last Night
Of The Earth Poems while asking me
questions about wolves. I still talk to
myself. But the emptiness is gone.

-M. Taggart

3:38 AM an orb appeared

At 3:38 AM an orb appeared above and to the left of our bed. The orb floated upward, lengthened and vanished. I had just returned from having gone downstairs to drink a glass of water. I was wide awake.

Whatever it was, was non-threatening.

Do any of you have any experience with something like this?


The orb arrived just after I had crossed my heart and started to pray for my family.


I haven’t seen him since 2016
This is us

Wrote a story about him
He’s in the middle
I’m on the right
Phil is on the left

Love the man
He always said
We got to try everything once

That was then
I wonder about that now



this is us

Stay With Us

some things stay crooked in a thought

Right now
I’m hoping someone is still alive

Call has been made
while i listen to my young son sing downstairs
While i have a beer
While i’m just fine

Can you sit with me, thought?

please, stay a minute.


-M. Taggart