Odd Walking Thoughts

Who’s there? Is it seen? Tomorrow woke early. we all sang a song. Blew a bit of a whistle heard ’round. Isn’t a fun think, thing to look through? Window pushed wide, been here a while, watching, now it’s yours again. Tag. You’re it.

-M. Taggart


Sleep Well Angels

“People sleep peacefully in their bed at night, only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” – George Orwell

My wife emailed me this quote. ‘This is you! ;)’ she wrote.

It’s a shame, we humans, have such disdain for one another. Yet, we also love one another. To a point. I’ve known families which started out loving and have watched them turn to hate and shred themselves.

Does it need to be like this? Yes. And No. Take a look at the news. I find religion uncomfortably fascinating. I guess I always have. I’m on the outside looking in. I have my own beliefs and I dislike the hate between the many different sides. I welcome all religion. If any one religion doesn’t welcome me, I can always turn to the quote if needed.

Be well.

Dear Humanity – Odd Walking Thoughts

Dear Humanity-

It starts one note at a time. Soon, if you pick the truest path, you have a masterpiece. I think the broken humanity we live in has lost its ability to choose truly. We become angry and destroy our own family members with words and sometimes with violence. Then we walk the streets and continue creating more imperfect notes and it spreads through our town and further. In my opinion it’s impossible to not see the divide that’s among us. And yet we blame it on anything other than ourselves without feeling the necessary humility of responsibility through reflection. I don’t feel our leadership can fix it. I don’t feel our government knows even where to begin. I don’t think our churches can fix it. They are at war with one another. They compete for your money and call it belief and are unable to accept differing beliefs without furthering the divide. I do have hope though. To find one true note for myself. I think it’s best to start with me. If I can create my best version then it’s possible to look beyond. To my wife, my son. In my opinion it starts at home. It isn’t about what our leaders might do for us. It never was. They are not in your home nor or in your mind unless you let them be. You are there alone. It’s up to you to choose truly. And maybe then we’ll be on to something.

The Exaggerator – Odd Walking Thoughts

He walked farther into the Forrest with his son. He wanted to tell of the tree with the face. He could’t find it. As they searched he told the boy of how the tree must have uprooted itself and moved on because it was alive enough to have a face and speak and could certainly move about the woods as it pleased.  The boy listened and took notice of the tone his mother had warned of. It took on a note of story telling and mistrust grew from each story.  His father crossed a brook then hurried up a slight ravine and happened upon an eleven. See son, these two fallen branches make an eleven and they are showing us the way to the tree face. These were put here as a marker for you and I. There’s no way for them to simply be. They are for us, his father said with great seriousness. His son looked at the Forrest floor wearing a look if sadness. What’s wrong, his father asked. The boy replied, do you ever want to tell and not describe? What do you mean, his father pressed.  That’s maybe not an eleven put here for us, the boy replied. No? He looked at his son with an irritable glance.  Then what is it?  His son answered, two sticks not laying down.