What lives within the epiphany of a mirror-
Deepening lines of the emotionally crippled,
carefully awakening these thoughts.
Shall the walls land nicely and cover; warmth
longs to remove the stains of the false eternal.

-M. Taggart

Cheers and thanks for hanging out.

Men, We’ve Been Deceived

-M. Taggart
Micro Non-Fiction
Written 10/11/18


Men, We’ve Been deceived.


I was severely ill and shook in front of an electric heater while wearing only briefs. I remember turning the heater dial to high. She came home and stepped over me.

I was in college at the time. It was her idea to get our apartment before we were ready. Just as it was her idea to have sex before I was ready. She pushed wanting sex with leverage of breaking up until I relented.

When she stepped over me the second time, to leave, I had realized what I needed to do.

My fever was so high that I was seeing things that weren’t there.

I knew Megan was the right one when she drove, from two states away, to bring to me a family remedy to help alleviate a massive canker sore located on my tongue. I had only just mentioned I had one. And she was there.

-M. Taggart
Copyright 2018


A Poem

A stained glass window hinted at truth-
Mismatching colors, streaming in a tilted fashion-
for us to view, and to play with, or interpret how we needed.

Should we thank the glass for shielding our eyes-
It’s outside the window that we must engage in savagery
and there will be no tilting of any colors.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017