Maine Coast

Today we travel to a remote portion along the Maine coastline. Megan and I will show little Gavin gorgeous scenery that he’ll not remember. He’s one. 🙂 and wicked cute.

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While I’m gone, please raise an adult beverage and cheers me!


A harbor along the Maine coast. Photo credit:

New England Talking Trail – A Poem

A wooded trail in New England is different than any other-
For it speaks to you while you walk

The gray squirrels announce your arrival
while playing tag in the under brush-
The chipmunks chirp their warning
and now every woodland creature is aware-

The blue jay shrieks its boastful bellowing call of territorial command-

The wind rustles the drying leaves –
Readying themselves to drop to the ground-
They sound like evening whispers while sitting on a porch

A bend in the trail beckons you – though it is getting to be dusk-
Now the sounds of the path are darkening-
and have taken a tone of daring

Moonlight is seeping through the canopy of New England-

While you walk you hope the light of the moon will brighten the trail-
Just a bit more-
For you hear the same gray squirrels and rustling leaves-
But the squirrels are much larger now, and the whispers are no longer friendly front porch speak-

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart


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