the hat
the coin
Headline lead
pants unbuttoned
It’s all misleading
What creation are you
I is the self that self creates
alone and along with the ride

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

The fertile river bank and mossy mounds watch as a jogger constantly steps on conscience ground; while looking ever more tabetic. The stars yawn having seen this before. Knowing the process of eternity comes once again for its finality. As a gentle wind whispers, ‘Forever is much like diminishing moonlight beckoning you to follow.’

-M. Taggart

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Odd Walking Thoughts – Beyond Thought

The boy climbed out of his window and onto the large tree and quickly made his way to the ground. He ran to the woods. He needed to sit on his rock overlooking the river. He pushed his small frame as hard and fast as it could carry him. The words were rimming in circles within his mind and now gathering pace toward the tip of his tongue. Not yet. Not yet! You will only speak them first once. Finally, his rock in view, an overwhelming feeling of joy perched in his chest; he reached the top of his rock and lay on his back to catch his breath. Sitting up, viewing the river, he spoke the words which were brimming in circles within his mind and pushing their way to the tip of his tongue- No one had given these words to him and he had never heard anything like them. He opened his mouth, ready to watch them fly, “Can memories live beyond thought?” The tiny hairs stood on his arms. A leaf fluttered slightly more north from the smallest push of air. The leaf landed nearly silently into the river. Having changed the world.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018