I’m outside smoking a cigar and reading Charles Bukowski. I’m drinking a beer but I would much rather have a whiskey. There are chipmunks running on the rocks in the backyard and my kid just striped down and is completely naked. He’s playing in a small pool on the deck. A man handling an excavator was here all day working on our land; we didn’t worry about social distancing. He had his place, we had ours. This pandemic is here and there and everywhere. Let’s play, and be, as long as we can and either we’re fine, or we’re not anymore and the wind couldn’t care less.

poem- reality, really

We crossed state lines
to pick up our new grill

I sat in my truck,
in the parking lot at Lowe’s,
and watched as men and
women entered the adult playground

Most wore masks, some practiced
social distancing

I got the text from Megan
telling me to pull the truck up front

I pictured her at the register wearing
her black face mask
talking with a cashier who also wore
a face mask and who stood behind a plastic shield

I pulled the truck up front, put it in park,
and looked at my own ninja mask.

A couple walked passed my truck
the man nodded as I slipped on my mask

The grill is somewhat large, and slightly heavy-
“I don’t know if I can lift this, my back is a bit off.”

Just as Megan had said that, an older gentleman
entering Lowe’s heard and asked if we needed a hand.

He helped me lift the grill onto the tailgate
he was plenty helpful and plenty nice
He wore no mask

He stood plenty close
and gave me a fine look of a child

Reality is a good place, really

Crossing state lines, on a back road
leading into Maine,
stood a massive LED sign on wheels
“All those entering Maine must
quarantine for fourteen days.”

-M. Taggart

Is your country locked down? Pandemic, Covid- 19.

Are you locked down, or ordered to stay home? If so, please comment below and share with us your situation. Be sure to tell us what country you live in. I’d like to hear from as many people/countries as possible.

I don’t want to depend on the ‘media’ for this information.

I live in Maine with my wife, Megan and son, Gavin. Our state has been ordered to stay at home unless you need essentials. Gas, grocery stores, etc. We are allowed to hike, fish, and hunt close to home. Our community is small, lots of forest, streams and lakes. We are not panicking, but we are prepared. Essential workers are still commuting to work with social distancing of 6ft regulations.

It’s the morning of 4/15/20, and currently the USA has 614,246 cases of Covid- 19 with 26,064 deaths. Mortality rate currently = .042. Global mortality rate is currently .063.

I hope everyone is well and thank you for sharing. Get outside and enjoy yourself if possible.


I look forward to reading your comments!