Intelligence #pros

Intelligence is walking into a room full of people that
you don’t know and immediately understanding who is
upset and who is hurting and instinctively knowing
with your undercurrent of compassion how to help them.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts –

Anger is freedom. Tell this to a peaceful mind who’s never known, or literally felt the hand of abuse, and you’ll find a child tossed like an outcast. Alone, habitually, alone. Anger will rise- showing a path. A path the child absorbs and carves larger because no one else would. The mouths now turn toward the audience, wide open, spilling secrets of lies. And they preach, always, this emotion is wrong. You are wrong. Anger is wrong. You are unwanted. The mouths preach this untruth to the child. The lies grow from one perfectly peaceful mind to another. And the child sits alone. Carving their path. Having learned to read the most important story of all.

-M. Taggart

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Here’s another ‘Odd Walking Thoughts’

Seven milestones for your one year old

Seven must milestones for your one year old.  I feel some of the milestone articles I’ve read missed the point.

1) To be loved by both parents.

2) To have been rocked thousands of times.

3) To be held in comfort multiple times per day.

4) To be told they are loved repeatedly.

5) To have had a favorite book of a parent read to them.

6) To have spent as much time playing on the ground as possible with each parent.

7) And finally at one year they must understand they are truly where they are meant to be.


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