The coffee smelled fresh and rich
as I walked downstairs
I could nearly taste the medium-blend
with the one tablespoon of sugar
and a dash of half and half
It’s going to be a good day
to drink coffee in the morning

-M. Taggart

can’t reach my head #poem

used heavy cream
in my coffee this morning
wasn’t very good
a lot like my arm right now
not very good
I’m an easy going broken person
so I grabbed another cup of coffee
this time I used milk
much better
and soon enough
the arm will be too
at least I can feel my tendon
sliding back and forth now

-M. Taggart

post surgery

My favorite snow mug

I want to write a story. A good story. Instead I’m writing this and putting the writing of the good story off until this is done. Whatever this is.
It’s my coffee mugs fault. I almost didn’t use it.
I opened the cupboard, looked at my favorite coffee mug, and the battle began. Use it, or save it for tomorrow? The dishwasher is empty. No chance it’ll be full enough to start. Then again I could wash it by hand. I wash dishes all the time.
I stood looking at the mug. I didn’t expect to see it. I don’t know why not.
It’s blue and white. It’s a winter scene mug. There’s a male snowman and female snow lady holding snow arms with white snow flakes decorated above them.
I love this mug. Hell with it. I’m using it this morning and I’ll write about.
We should use our favorite mug.

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I’m even going to leave that. I’m literally writing this with my thumbs, leaning on the counter, drinking my coffee.

Ocean Early

There’s something about early morning and the ocean.

This morning, I drove to the corner market place after realizing I was out of coffee filters. I was early; the store wasn’t yet open. I drove another three minutes to the jetty. The light was nice and I fought with my broken phone to take this picture. I thought others might like to see.


photo (64)