Don’t be ashamed. Let’s be Decent- make father be decent. What’s decent? Hair cut just right? Clean shaven? Maybe it’s mom. She might need to smile more. Or pose. Yes, let mom pose. For who? Jim, the neighbor? Or, maybe for Jenn, the Mayor? It’s nothing really. Yet here we are thinking about how to not be ashamed. If maybe Dad get’s a new car that’ll do it. But…then again, he’d need a new job. And because the job he has is barely enough, it might not happen. So, how about mom? She’s doing good. She doesn’t get home till late because of her hours, but maybe that’ll do us. There’s a new car in the future and that’ll do. It’s good. Really. If mom only works a bit more, and dad works consistent, then maybe I won’t be ashamed and I’ll feel decent.