see – DID

It’s cold.
I need to talk about what happened.
Fingers typing aren’t always me.
Please though, come.
The floor again is open.
Eyes that shouldn’t be are.
Don’t fade, please not that.
We’ll do the best we can.


It’s good to see you.

#There’s No Excuse For Abuse

The best way to talk to a survivor is to listen. I believe this with my soul.

If you’ve crawled out from the mud of an abuser you are not alone. While you felt alone and may still, you are not. That was what they wanted you to feel to protect their abuse from being discovered. You have a voice. Use it. Internally, or written as a diary to yourself, or on a platform such as what I’m doing now. Speak of your abuse out loud and it becomes real to the world, and to the abuser. Stop protecting them. You no longer need to keep their secrets. Seek others who understand your pain and speak to a therapist who can give you tools you’ll need to make you a healthier you. You deserve all of this. It was never your fault. Research F.O.G. and set boundaries for any Flying Monkeys that may still be in your life, or go no contact. Do whatever YOU need to do for you. No longer for them. Abusers will use control tactics and manipulation to keep you silent. I know this. I was you. And now I’m me. We are not alone. They cannot break us. They tried and failed. You will not fail. While the mud from crawling may linger, you will wash it off. And when their excuses flood your mind from multiple players in the game of manipulation- Give them one response and walk away. There’s No Excuse For Abuse.


-M. Taggart


Published Work:


Sometimes memories are like metal fans.
With each blade sharpened-
They aren’t beckoning you
They are pushing you away-
When you reach for them
You are cut, again-
Leaving you reeling
Running from closet to bedsheets
to where you no longer
own your memories

-M. Taggart



Odd Walking Thoughts

when a child doesn’t move and it isn’t their choice. they remove hurt with a pillow missing. cross their heart with thought. don’t tell that child what is. scraping winds picking up their tears. we’ll live again. sink now. the missing pillow gave way. it was never their fault.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts – Don’t keep

We walk into the shadow of death to pull one wounded child from its depths, to find another daft man standing in the corner. Leaves are shuffling outside my window. A man with a golden heart is gone. Another stands in a room looking. Don’t block me. I am here and at least I have my fingers. The man in the room standing, looking daft, asks for silence because silences never questions. Never says a damn word. The girl with the golden brow would have cared for a word. And the boy with the covers pulled tight would have cared for the same.
copyright 2017
-M. Taggart

Safe Doesn’t Count – Odd Walking Thoughts

Look how safe we are. The key turns then the lights are on.  The belt is placed around us and the child is in the back seat. It’s the most safe place to be. The doctors say not to eat red and also not to drink. The church tells us to love God and to know him best we can.  The sinner says we can’t know him unless we take what he has.  Then we know too much and God forgot to tell them the rest of the story. The key turns then the lights are on. It’s a safe vehicle. The child watches as the safe vehicle pulls from the drive and then the child closes the door.  The child is now alone with the ones who thought of creating the safe vehicle. The sinner is upstairs waiting to show.