Odd Walking Thoughts

I wish you would stop taking your mind off. A man took his bare skin. Again. A non-manipulated child said loudly, ‘nothing.’ The child said nothing. A period of chance happened upon a young stone. The young stone wanted more than anything to be with water. Can we smooth your surface for you? water wanted to know.

-M. Taggart

Odd Fucking Walks.

More Than Chance

watch the day grow with its green grass begging attention-
the ground, having swallowed some, urges for more
the New England birds are listening- waiting for approval
all the while one sits, alone, listening back
with a simple understanding-

now finally feeling the first
breeze of autumn air flirting with his skin
that brings him a sensation brimming with tears- he thinks out loud
‘Go ahead. Tell life it can’t.’

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017
Feel free to share.
photo taken by myself 9/17/17

Gill GY