Mountains do nicely #pros

Not all roads lead to Rome.
Some lead deeper into the woods.
Deeper into the mountains
and further from civilization.
I like getting lost in thought
while driving on roads that contain
very little in the way of society.
I find it helps to center me,
and helps to calm my anxieties.

-M. Taggart

Poem – Tiny Droplets

It’s windy and it’s raining outside
The storm has put me into a relaxed
state of mind and body
When the wind pushes on the window screen
it creates a rushing sound
It’s a type of white noise that’s making me sleepy
The tiny droplets of rain water stuck to the screen
are slowly and deliberately tracking downward
with gravity’s suggestions
causing me to think of the randomness of the
rushing wind combined with the downward
movements of the tiny droplets of water
And how maybe none of this is random at all

-M. Taggart