Be as well as you can

If you can smile at the smallest of things, you’re onto it. We have a hurricane, now turned tropical storm, headed toward us. Currently the tropical storm is traveling at 28 MPH and is foretasted to impact us later tonight, at around 10 PM.

It’s possible the storm will produce a few tornadoes in our region. That has my interest. I enjoy observing severe weather. I don’t want the storm to damage homes, or injure anyone, however Mother Nature will do what she does. We’re prepared and power may be lost, or not, either way we are ready and I smile at the approaching entertainment. It’s very still outside.

Be as well as you can.



On Being You

Just in case you need to hear this today-

Don’t ask permission to live your life. Walk with purpose, smile with meaning, and create impact. It’s a new day and there’s only one you to have it.

I hope you have the best day possible.


October Storm

We’ve been smashed pretty good by the Nor’easter Storm that just hit the Northeast. We haven’t had power since 1 AM. It will be a bit until we have power again

I love this type of adventure. I won’t be able participate on social media, but will be having a hell of a time, happily.

Cheers everyone!



Our One

And we told him-
It went not well,
We aren’t ourselves every day

So we take the sun
With its golden rays
And we take the shadow too
‘Don’t you see,’ we say-
‘This one is you.’

-M. Taggart