Bones of Nothing – Odd Walking Thoughts

You can have one structure, but not one thought.  You can do this and there can be many. It’s not church. Though, it may be church and they may say much. If this structure has a home and the home is you and you have many, it’s fine. This happens. It’s not often we get to speak about this, but here we are, collectively, and working. If the structure were a set of bones, and we dug them, and studied them we’d see little.  When will this stop.

This Floor – Odd Walking Thoughts

There’s a place to view. It’s beneath the floor. If you know this, it’s you. If another lays their head on this floor and finds your place, what then? We dove deep and saw much and now we ask the floor, “Why did you betray us?” and the floor replied, “We also were betrayed. Can you help?”  It was early morning and the floor felt cool on the face. The floor shouldn’t be speaking but there wasn’t anyone else to ask.

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Mind this field

Give us words which make us think. Tell us bacon is frying in the iron skillet. Tell us we feel vibrant and that our stomach’s groan. Tell us the bacon has been eaten and we are ready for this day. It is sunny. Clouds have yet to form. We walk into the field.

The Glass Castle – Jeannette Walls

This book helped me to pack and move. If ever there was a modern story worth reading, it’s this. In bookstores I find much fluff. This is especially true with modern writers. Fluff. Happening happenstance concerning nothing of value. In this most impressive story, the author puts the writers of fluff, to shame. Jeanette writes without compromise. She is strong. Her writing is strong. Read this book.

I think Hemingway would be proud.