WordPress Premium – Questions


Who out there has used, or is currently using, the WordPress Premium plan?

If so, I have a few questions. I’m considering making the jump.

  1. “ability to monetize your site with ads” -How does this work?
  2. How many views equals “X” for revenue?
  3. If you transition, do your previous posts come along, or are they wiped out?
  4. Additional thoughts / pros vs cons.

Thank you! I’ll ‘see’ you in the comments section.


Poem – The Rise

A joyous half-thought uplifted the remaining-
Having slothed meaninglessly about,
Until an overspill of the joyous half became to be-
A chain reaction of overcoming the slothful
triggered an alarm of discontinuation
which was heard, and felt, and seen; a rise
was born from the mouths of echos.

-M. Taggart

A slight clarification and a blobityblip

“I woke up in a bedroom not mine.”

buahha…Megan read that and said, “It sounds like you were in a bedroom you shouldn’t have been in.”

Let me clarify, for anyone who may have had a, WTH moment of thought, concerning this line. A bedroom not mine, was actually, our spare bedroom. I was so clogged up from the cold that I kept Megan awake the previous night. So! After the Celtics lost, out of consideration for Megan’s sleeping needs, I slept in the spare bedroom where I could cough all night without disturbing Megan 🙂 There you have it. I just like to play with words and ‘I slept in a bedroom not my own’ was much more entertaining for me to write rather than a standard line of blobityblip.

I hope everyone is ready for the weekend!




“To be alive at all is to have scars.”    -The Winter of Our Discontent. John Steinbeck.


This line stopped my reading promptly. A clean, impactful, line of literature has that affect on me.

Poem – The Garden

A societal skull,
depressed in thought,
calls on all the ages
to control their spirits

as widening cracks groom
a few slipped through
with no understanding
of control

escalate these encrypted winds

speak with mouths
and eyes closed
in the garden of your mind

-M. Taggart

On Reading in Public

I like to read in public. I find it relaxing. I enjoy the background noise. It seems to somehow mold itself into the happening within the book. As though the chatter from the pub’s patrons are the very chatter I’m reading about. It doesn’t interfere with my concentration. It never has. I don’t just read books in pubs. I read while sitting in the back of my truck in random parking lots, on the beach, around a campfire, etc. And, I use to read while walking from class to class on the UMASS, Amherst campus. One time, while walking with a book in my face, a young lady pulled the book down and kissed me. I don’t know why I didn’t ask her name. Instead I continued on, walking and reading, but now with a large smile on my face.

While in public people often ask what I’m reading. This has lead to many great conversations, as well as, new friends. Generally the question I ask is them is, “What author do you like best?” It seems when one book-head sees another it’s hard not to connect. All I know is that I love to read.

Do any of you read in public? If so, do you have a favorite location?


Published Stories

I look at the physical copies and smile.
It’s not easy to gain traction in the industry of writing.
It just isn’t.
There are thousands of writers in different countries
that are incredible and the world will never know.
So, for me to have gained at least this amount of traction,
I am pleased. I am not done though. There is much to do.
I’ll keep being comfortably me. And I’ll continue to smile
at the two books.

-M. Taggart

If you are interested in what the stories are about, or purchasing one of the books, reach out to me and I’ll send the information. Cheers!

Odd Walking Thoughts

I walked on a face today. It was my own. The concrete cherries fished away again and lost my vision for another. The trees were so pretty when they ignored me. Eventually I found a further way. Might I come this way again seeing the eyes that carry the dark and might I carry the dark back. I already own my own.   -M. Taggart