Make your own

It’s 30 degrees. This is literally what I’m doing right now. Mid-day, Friday November the 8th. We’re burning downed  branches on our property. Megan just went inside to take a shower. And yes, that’s whiskey in the background.

I live an enchanted life. If my childhood torture taught me anything, it’s that societal rules don’t actually exist.

Make your own.



The rain isn’t so gloomy with a beer.

-M. Taggart

Utterly Fascinating

Outosego has taken a few words of mine (my poem, Set Sail) and added those words to a video with images. I’ve never seen my work added to visuals and music such as this.

Outosego is a very active, supportive, fellow blogger and a social media artist.

You can check out Outosego’s creativity mixed with my poem here:

M. Taggart : A thought is like a ship

I hope you enjoy this as I did. Cheers!


(ps- the music kicks in at roughly the 12 second mark.)



Sometimes I focus on things that I shouldn’t.
I think of them every which way.
I feel I need to let these things run their course,
or they’ll never live through their life.
That’s the essence of a daymare,
and how it lingers while awake.

-M. Taggart


If a man tells you there’s no meaning to life, he’s already dead. Tell him. Tell him he’s dead and to crawl back into his crib until night comes without morning.  -M. Taggart