Poem – puddles in between

He was always sure about walking in the rain,
but not about which puddle to step in.
So, he stood with patience, peculiarly
picking and choosing where to place his feet.
His mind always ahead, his body somewhere behind,
always adoring these walks in the rain.

-M. Taggart




I’ve never died. I want to. I want to see.   -M. Taggart

Oh, Gavin. This mind of yours.

Am I the only one to find creativity in this? I am the father. I wish to not be blind of that fact. However, I can’t unsee the stance, the distance, the background. The use of ‘people’ which are decorations for a home, just not in this instance. In this instance, a soon-to-be four-year-old positioned his people exactly so.



I had no choice but to take this photo and share with all of you.



photo taken 8/12/19


Poem – The List

Can we add sections to our soul?
If we think of it, and give it a name,
is it now done? The clicking in our
throat is inadequate. To this old and
dusty book, we give our time. For a
sensation without claim has nothing,
and a morning without feeling is lost.
In a chest, sits a satisfied possession
of misunderstood; awaiting the hand
which will open every deliverance.
Come one, come two, and three.

-M. Taggart

My poem ‘Here’ published by Literary Yard

I’m thrilled to share with everyone that my poem ‘Here’ has literally just been published, only moments ago, on Literary Yard.

Read the poem  here:


A big thank you to Onkar Sharma for accepting this piece. This style of poetry is unorthodox and is my self taught style. I’m impressed with Literary Yard for picking this up.


A piece of mind is a funny thing
flecking out among the trees

Somewhere we leave a laugh
looking for a smile”

Read the entire poem here: