A Flower for Mom –

Our father said we’ll leave early, get groceries, and flowers for mom
we picked up stones in the driveway. that always made him happy
it was hot and we were dirty but we didn’t care because we’d make mom smile
noon came and went and he still hadn’t gotten out of bed
we left picking rocks behind and looked for flowers in the field
we were lucky to have a field
most don’t have a field

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

Over knees we go. Did you hear the sky today? It know’s much more than a cry. Don’t, let’s not see the crisp apple near the little girl with the red dress. She already put you to shame with a look. She is six. Walk in the brook. The mud is deep- It’s very dark. Our room is haunted. It has wooden floor boards and the light from the moon tries to creep. Our closet door creaks open again. who’s there.

Blinding Truth

With truth blinding, scolding viciously
the circle collapses
and the masses celebrate

weakness claims victory
and while the sun rises
truth fades

with shredded finger nails
we scrape the dirt viewing ourselves-
our knees bent and bleeding-
our slobbering thoughts wish to begin again

-M. Taggart