Life, Blood & Charles Bukowski

I got the dreaded call from Gavin’s school today. He’s the youngest in the entire school. His teacher told us that he’s very smart, has an incredible vocabulary, and is brave.

“Hello is this, Matt? Gavin has been in the nurses office for about an hour. He’s OK, but he did bite his tongue and it won’t stop bleeding.”

While on the way to the ER, Gavin, fell asleep. I watched him in my rear view mirror knowing blood was filling his mouth. Eventually I could hear the blood interfering with his breathing. I asked him to wake up and swallow. He did, while half asleep, swallow the blood.

I parked outside the ER and grabbed paper towel. I reached back toward Gavin. I woke him up, with the paper towel ready to catch the blood. It took a moment for him to wake, but when he did, he wore a worried look and I could see he was active with his tongue inside his mouth. “It’s OK, just spit it into this.” Gavin opened his mouth and a clot was on top of his tongue. He spit the clot, along with more blood, into the paper towel.

He never once cried.

The ER doctors opted not to cauterize the laceration. They didn’t want to cause Gavin trauma. Megan held ice to his tongue all evening and finally the bleeding stopped.

And for some reason unknown to me, Gavin bounced his way up to ‘Alexa’ our digital-voice friend whom many of you might also have and said, “Alexa, play Charles Bukowski.”

Seems Gavin will be just fine. But I’m not.



I have a wall watching me.
Fucking prick,
watches all the time.
Nothing to say.
I open a beer,
and listen to silence.
Looking at the wall.

-M. Taggart


Sometimes I don’t want to write
and I do anyway
The voices are different
The walls are the same
and not, too
Doesn’t much matter
I’ll always write
and the walls
will always be there

-M. Taggart

“Pain & Renewal” Vita Brevis, Anthology

I can’t wait to read this anthology, “Pain & Renewal,” published by Vita Brevis. “Pain & Renwal features a collection of incredible voices — from Pulitzer and Pushcart prize winners to brand new poets, it’s filled with moving poetry about the highs and lows of the human experience.” -Brian Geiger, Vita Brevis Press.

I have two poems hidden somewhere in this book-

“The Abandoned Dawn,”

and “The Birth.”

Vita Brevis Press has been publishing incredible works by many talented writers. I’ve already ordered my copy; printed version for me!

Read the Vita Brevis announcement here:

The First Vita Brevis Anthology is Ready!

Purchase, “Pain & Renewal,” here:

Have a great day everyone!


Wish me luck!

I’m doing it! I’m hosting a book signing event at a brewery!

February 29th, at Element Brewing Company! Which borders the town I graduated High School from. One of my best friends urged me to host a book signing. I was embarrassed at the thought of it, but I’m doing it!

It’s been great vibes! The owners of the brewery are all for it, and the support from my home town has been incredible. Friends, family, and even people I don’t know are already signed up to attend. I wonder just how many people are going to flood the brewery and have a beer with us! Megan, and even Gavin will be there. My brothers, and parents…oh it’s on!

I wanted to share the fun with all of you, because, you’re invited too! lol I realize many of you are in different countries, but it’s the thought- having some of my digital writing buddies there would be great, even if just in spirit. This is going to be one fun party and I don’t want you to miss out.

Seriously though, if any of you are in the Massachusetts area, and want to connect, you are invited. Contact me for the details.


(Some of you may remember that I was invited to a book signing at a bookstore in New Hampshire. I did that. It was awkward. This one is a completely different animal and I can’t wait!)

poem- indoor walk #pros

It became uncomfortable in my head. So I took a walk. Same loop in different ways.
There was a Christmas tree in the corner,
three of them actually- each of them in different rooms.
Only one of them was real. I had cut it down before Christmas
and transplanted it here in the corner. I can still smell it even thought it’s gone.
I took it to the dump and then had a dream about it.
The tree was lit on fire, along with other Christmas trees. But this tree
came bounding down from the pile, toward me.
I guess this is what happens when you indoor walk,
the same loop in different ways.

-M. Taggart