Wake up
I did
And that’s something I’ve never done
because I’ve never known this morning-
So that means we’ve both just done
something we’ve never done on the same
morning which can never be done again-
Now go be what you talk about.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018


Dear, You.

I awoke this morning with the feeling
that something dreaded happened.
Not that something will happen-
But did happen. Later today.
Like a book that’s already been written
and we all need to wait to find out
what it was.
Now, I’m left hoping what happened
Didn’t happen to you.

-M. Taggart




God gave me two very heavy fists
I hope to never use again
but if needed
I will

I was nineteen
Someone I loved came home in the car of a well known drug dealer
I was backing down my driveway when he clipped my car
I was furious. Not at the the small accident, but at the fact that
part of my heart was sitting in a drug dealers car
So, I got out of my car, walked to the drivers window and
blew it out with my fist
I watched the glass shatter all over his head
yea, he was upset
I was happy about that

A few days later I was informed that the drug dealer was going to sue me
For a fucking window?
How bout’ them apples
I was going to be sued by a drug dealer
for breaking his window
while he sat in his car-
And he would have won
I fixed his damn window

I was in college when I was tossed in jail for a while
I broke someone’s face who, well, got what he deserved
and I did too and I’ve always been fine with that

It’s a strange thing to think about the metamorphosis
I’ve been through
Me then
Me now
Anger and strength set me free from the horrible abuse I suffered as a child
Don’t tell me Anger isn’t an appropriate emotion
It is and without it I would have killed myself

Anger is as normal an emotion as love and it’s up to us to learn how to best use it-
point it in the right direction and you will create
and what I created is my now beautiful life
that I fought for

because no one else did



ps, I paid for my college education. I went back after jail. I finished. Because that’s what I do.

copyright 2018


we never wrote when they asked us to-
we didn’t draw
we didn’t let our pencil wander-
Their eyes were too Purple
we left our paper blank
the other world was what they wanted
and they will not have it

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018