Sometimes I feel empty when I finish writing.
Or, when I complete a submission for publication.
Not this time. I feel exhilarated.
I feel as though a lot needs to be said, and I’m going to say it.
When I was young, I needed light.
Now I plan to be a light for the young.

-M. Taggart


18 thoughts on “Poem

  1. I, too, often feel exhausted and empty (but in a good way) when I finish writing or drawing or painting. Putting so much of myself into it, I must wait to replenish. But then, too, there are times a rush of excitement or anticipation comes in. I’ll take either!


  2. To feel empty when the story is done means the story is complete.
    The graves dug, demons excised and buried half-way to hell.
    To be a light is something new; the story isn’t finished…
    May never be.
    Every day is a new chapter, waiting for the pages to be filled
    With light, hope, support, and exhilaration.
    May that light shine eternal.


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