8 thoughts on “You see me

  1. for the mind that runs mazes…I’d like to bury my pills in the mountainside, but soon I’d been the lune thinking it’s a full moon. Better twist and pop, keep the monster locked inside.


    • I hear that. Don’t get me wrong, if somebody needs to be on meds for high blood pressure, I get it. But the way they throw out pills to people with a mental illness rather than actually working on illness is mind blowing. Especially in the veteran community- which I personally witness. It’s tragic.

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  2. I wish I could be free from the call of the pill,
    But I am not so lucky.
    I must take them or the beast inside will rip its way out –
    And all I have strived for may be lost.
    So I twist the cap,
    And pop it in my mouth
    And curse modern medicine with every dose.
    It sucks, but it’s life. One thing that will never happen is that pharma will end. Too many people rely on too many medications to get through their lives. Whether it’s heart, kidney, lungs, brain – it doesn’t matter. To live is to take your medicine to prevent death for a little longer. That’s life.


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