Odd Walking Thoughts

I saw God sitting next to a tree. The rock waved. Asked about how things have been. When being seen and having a wave wasn’t so difficult to accomplish. One smile at a time, during Covid-war, a mask wasn’t enough to stop the kids at school from wanting to run. And run. and run they did until one of them opened the door, freely with no mask awaiting his tongue, “This is Fucking awesome.”

-M. Taggart

The kid was mine. He was five.

13 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. I so get this, as I teach the 3-5s. they are absolutely my tribe and spending time with them throughout the school year doesn’t even begin to feel like work. love your poem and that picture – what. a doll!

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    • He’s an incredibly spirit. lol for the school egg drop challenge he decided to put the egg in the center of a water melon. It splattered, kids cheered- it worked LOL maybe I’ll write about that ha. Hope you’re well..and I completely understand the kiddos being your tribe!

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