33 thoughts on “Poem

      • You’re very welcome. I simply said what I felt after reading it, I’m truly glad it was an “all-time compliment.” I wasn’t aiming at that, I was simply stating the simple truth for me. I truly do love your poetry.

        Self publishing your poetry is an interesting idea. You’d have to be careful with who you choose to do it though, you may want to do it yourself especially if you already have a category or something with them in there. With your poems, there are always a number of layers. At least that’s what I have found. Sometimes, the powerful message is right there on the face of it, but it does have different meanings and messages as you go further into it. Some of them just are beautifully worded, and it’s easy for one to stop at the top layer and take it for what it is, but it’s not until you go underneath the top layer that it truly packs a punch.

        Only you know for certain what you actually meant with these poems, therefore another person may see something thing that you did not initially intend and take a meaning from it that moves them; alternately, sometimes what you write is intended to have the meaning below the surface words, and another person may not see the actual meaning of the poem and just walk away thinking it’s just a beautiful poem on the surface. It just depends on what you want the poetry to publish to look like. Your intended meaning, or the meaning another can pull from it.

        I specifically remember a few of your poems where after I left my comment I looked at the other comments and I was surprised. There were so many, and few commented about the underlying meaning, but I had seen their comments on the other pages and they didn’t put them together… or didn’t want to mention that they did for some reason. Two of the ones that come to mind was the cemetery one that you published recently, and the series about the rock/pebble that spoke. It has been a while since you wrote about the latter one, but I still remember it. They all meant something so different if you peeled back the initial layer. As the “series,” for lack of a better term, progressed, the underlying meanings intertwined more than the surface level ones. Those, to me, were very raw, and they were specific to you. I believe I started reading them before I had learned anything about your past, which I learned from subsequent posts, and I had a very strong inkling from them of what the other posts said more bluntly.

        It is not an easy skill to make poems have layers like that. So I’m not sure you want others to make the selections, or if you do, make sure that they choose only those that you wish to have published in a book of poetry format. IMHO, you should make sure that person you choose is able to see the layers so that they can make choices based on more than one thing, and be able to express why they think that poem should be included, otherwise, it really is just a random collection of works that just happens to have pretty imagery on the face. But that’s me and how I would do it. But I think it’s a brilliant idea, and I truly wish you all of the best with it.


      • Hmm. Maybe I ought to consider you. I’m lucky to have multiple pieces of my work published by numerous publishers- however, I haven’t self published since 2013. Which was a very raw and unedited short story that I love to this day.

        Your level of understanding the work is astonishing. Would you have any interest?


      • You can’t be serious? Me? That’s the most amazing, and mind-blowing thing anyone has ever said to me. I don’t know that I have an astonishing understanding, or even if I could do it justice, honestly. I…. am literally speechless. I…. wow.


      • I’m doing very well, thank you. Still a little bit shocked by all of this. I have no idea how this could work. It’s the first time anyone’s ever even suggested that I would have the ability to do it. I’m still kind of speechless about it, honestly. My brain will settle soon enough.


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