22 thoughts on “Poem

  1. This made me think of Joseph. The coat was given and received, the possession of at the time accepted, but became a burden costing everything. Happiness came when the coat was taken and destroyed. The others were unhappy the whole time.

    Your happiness is yours and is hard-won. The act of experiencing it does not, in any way, lessen someone else’s happiness. Sacrificing yours will not make their burdens less. Be happy and use that happiness to have the strength to help others find theirs. Lead by example. Not words or self depreciation.

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  2. It’s amazing how guilt can creep in when we are truly happy. Or even a tiny sense of wondering what we did to deserve this happiness, especially when so many others are so unhappy. I’ve heard people say that they know that they will never be happy and that is concerning. Be at peace with your happiness and joy. It’s contagious! ♥

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